Most common queries about what PFH does

1. Why do we have to kill rats/possums etc? These predators were introduced to NZ and have decimated our native species which were unable to cope with these ground predators and in such huge numbers. Some of our native species are extinct and many are endangered because of predators. We need to remove them to protect our native species. PFH are part of the National movement of Predator Free New Zealand.

2. Do you kill cats? No. Our target species are rats, possums and stoats but weasels, ferrets and hedgehogs may also be trapped.

3. Are the traps cruel? All the traps we use are approved as humane kill traps by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC).

4. Do you use poison? No. We only use traps which are baited with non-toxic lure eg. peanut butter

5. Will my pet get caught? All rat and stoat traps are housed in wooden tunnel boxes to prevent pets and children from getting to the trap. Possum traps are mounted onto trees and baited with apple & cinnamon for example to greatly reduce the risk to cats.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further concerns. Email Karen