Native species in the Waikato

A beautifully patterned Archey’s frog.

The Waikato region has many native species, many of which are in the Threatened category. Most people tend to only think of birds when they think of our native species but here’s the list – 196 vascular plants, 50 birds, 20 frogs and reptiles, 23 invertebrates, 10 freshwater fish, 4 marine mammals and 2 land mammals (bats). 16 of the above are only found in the Waikato! There are a further 109 species that are present but considered uncommon.

Sadly, 60 species have been recently lost from Waikato. And one of the best ways to help protect our natives is predator control. Both plants and animals benefit hugely when possums, rats and mustelids are reduced to low numbers.

See the Waikato Regional Council technical report for more information about native species in the Waikato.