Autumn Trapping in the City

This autumn has been a busy time for a number of trapping groups in the city. A new group that has been set up in the Mangakotukutuku area has been catching Norway and Ship rats every day in the last few weeks. And what’s more, something has been eating our fresh rat catches. This could be stoats and if it is that is a big problem as the Mangakotukutuku Gully is a important bat habitat and stoats are responsible for a great deal of predation of bat roosts throughout the country.

In other areas of the city we are also having great success. Along the river there is a major project along the edge of Hamilton East, at Hayes Paddock which has been catching rats and possums. They have caught 158 pest mammals in the last year and they continue to record possum catches near the river and numerous rat catches along the main river bank.

And finally, I have recently had a update from our newly established project at Hamilton Boys High School where students have been managing the traps in the school’s gully area. They have been trapping for the last 8 months and have been catching rats, mice, and hedgehogs regularly in t-rex traps originally donated by Predator Free Hamilton.

As we continue to grow projects in Predator Free Hamilton, we are going to be looking for volunteers to manage trap lines, as well as schools and organizations to take control of trap lines in and around gullies throughout the city.

If you are interested in helping out you can contact Predator Free Hamilton directly, and we will put you in touch with the right group in the area of the city you want to be involved with and you can start helping us catch the predators that put our taonga species at risk.